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Learn how to build a brand in 7 sessions.

A course exclusively for founders

Perfect for

First-Time Entrepreneurs * Mom and Pop Shops * SMEs * Serial Entrepreneurs * Those Turning Hobbies Into Businesses * Freelancers * Start-ups with Seed Funding * Start-ups with No Funding * NGOs * Micro Enterprises * E-commerce Stores * Marketing and Brand Managers * 

Learn through sessions

What you actually learn in 7 sessions

Build your brand story from scratch. Each team will be asked tough questions about their brand, and understand why they do what they do

Each team will list down their value systems and understand how to communicate them to the customer.

Learn to understand your customers better than before. This exercise will give you a clear understanding of how to target each persona and how to relate to each pool individually.

Each team will chalk out how they want to be perceived. We define tonality guidelines of how their brands talks, responds, instructs, handles calls and communicates in general.

Each team will be given a brand guideline template and will clean up their visual branding. This document will serve as a brand manual that they now can share with all their designers.

Through the keynotes, we will explain ways to build a strategy for social media. Each team will try and create their own strategy with our guidance for a 3 month period.

Each team will understand it’s immediate and long term business objectives, and create a marketing roadmap for the brand for the next 3 months.

Learn how to run your own ads on Facebook and Instagram. Work with your team to create a sales funnel for your brand.

And the best part is

We study your business and customise every batch


This is NOT a video recording. Every lesson is a conversation between you, the mentors and the other founders.

only 15 people a batch

Get to interact with a small, selected group of entrepreneurs just like you and learn from their experiences. Who knows? You may forge a great connection


We research and customise every class to the batch and their goals. No two sessions will be the same.

Get a 60 min one-on-one followup

After the course, catch up with us after 3 months. We get to see your progress and advice you on the steps forward

We actually interact with you and work on solutions together


Workshops and group exercises are ALWAYS prioritised over keynotes. Learn by doing.

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Get featured on our marketing and social channels. You're the star of the show!

Additional research Material

Get access to exclusive download-ables.

Get assignments evaluated by the mentors

We personally go through all the work you do. We're here to guide you no matter what.

Stay safe because we are 100% Remote

Stay safe and comfortable while learning the most. Doesn't matter where the f*** you are.


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$ 300 for 7 sessions
  • Exclusive Content
  • 1-on-1 Follow-up Session
  • Recordings of All Your Classes