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A Branding & Marketing Bootcamp for Founders

Learn the secrets of building a brand, how to market and how to boost sales with this 5-week program. 

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Revamp your brand while learning from mentors

This program is here to help business owners and founders structure their ideas and to create a strong brand foundation to ensure that you connect with your customers from day one.

A strong brand foundation will create ripples in your business of which you will experience an effect in every part of your business.

What you learn over 5 weeks

  • How to turn your customers into Brand Ambassadors
  • Creating your Brand Strategy and basic Visual Branding
  • How to create and run your own Digital Ads
  • How to avoid making expensive mistakes while advertising/branding
  • How to build trust with your customer

What will you gain from this course?

Tangible Outcomes

Each team will craft and write their own brand story. Each team will be urged to ask tough questions about their brand, and understand why they do what they do

Each team will list down their value systems, and understand how to get their customers to realise them.

Each team will also be understand different customer personas and build their profiles. This exercise will give them a clear understanding of how to target each of their buyers, and how to relate to each pool individually.

Each team will chalk out how they want to be perceived , and define tonality guidelines of how their brands talks, responds, instructs, handles calls and communicates in general.

Each team will be shared with guideline template, and will tighten or clean up their visual branding. They will also create a manual that they now can share with all their designers.

Through the keynotes, we will explain ways to build a strategy for social media. Each team will try and create their own strategy with our guidance for 3 month period.

Each team will understand it’s immediate and long term business objectives, and create a marketing roadmap for the brand for the next 3 months.

Intangible Outcomes

A clear idea on brand story, visual language, sales funnel, marketing and content strategy, etc.

Get involved in group activities, interactive sessions and workshops with other founders. Dive right in to share, learn and grow together.

Get the opportunity to get personal assessment on your assignments from the creative directors.

The understanding of correlation between branding, marketing and sales, where and how much to focus on, depending on your business.

Who is it for?

Business owners and founders who want to take their brand to the next level.
Businesses that can directly benefit from this course
    • Ecommerce store
    • Early Stage startup
    • B2C Service businesses
    • B2C Product businesses
    • Marketing and brand managers
    • Food and Beverage Businesses
    • Retail and lifestyle brands (Jewellery, fashion, Beauty, travel)

Course Structure


1.  Understanding brands & branding (keynote)

2. Brand Perception (interactive session)

3. What is brand strategy? How does it affect my business? Understand with case studies (keynote)

4. Brand Discovery (workshop)

–  Exercises to help you develop your own brand’s strategy

–  Write a one line description

–  Chart out all your brand personas & customers

5. Homework assignment

DAY 2 - visual Branding

    1. Brand Strategy Recap (keynote)
    2. Brand Story / Tone of Voice / Customer Persona (group sharing)
    3. Visual Branding 101. Understand with case studies (keynote)
    4. Sculpting your brand’s identity and logo mark (keynote)
    5. How do colors and fonts change the game? How to use them well? Understand with case studies (keynote)
    6. Designing a visual language for your brand to go beyond the logo (keynote)
    7. Brand Manual Design (workshop) + Personal Interaction
    8. Homework Assignment

Day 3 - Marketing Strategy and online presence

    1. Website Communication and User experience design (keynote)
    2. How to amplify your website engagement? (keynote)
    3. Are you gathering enough data? Overview on how to collect data, and use it to analyse your customers and sales (keynote)
    4. Building a marketing and content strategy with case studies (workshop)
    5. How to design for different platforms and how to use them to tell your story (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin) (keynote)
    6. Introduction to marketing strategy and sales funnels (keynote)
    7. Homework Assignment

DAY 4 - Advertising and Content Creation

    1. Advertising in the digital world (keynote)
    2. How to advertise and make heads turn. Principles of advertising (keynote)
    3. Digital Marketing for conversion & sales (keynote)
    4. Hiring / Building a great creative team or agency (keynote)
    5. Planning content creation and scheduling (workshop)
    6. Writing a creative brief for your team or agency (keynote)
    7. How to shoot videos and photos inexpensively (keynote)

DAY 5 - workshop reflection

    1. Design Thinking (workshop)
    2. Summary and reflection on workshop topics
    3. Interaction Session 


We take 15 Startups per Batch

5 Day

1 Day / week for 5 weeks

Founder + 1

Lunch and snacks

Access to design resources & templates

Reading and research material

Bootcamp + 2 Follow up Consultations

Everything in bootcamp

2 x 60min consultation with the Creative Director over 2 months

Bootcamp + 6 Follow up Consultations

Everything in bootcamp

6 x 60min consultation with the Creative Director over 6 months


Vanshaj Kapur

An expert in Brand Strategy, Film Direction and Design, Communication Strategy & Live broadcasting,  his approach as a founder of the agency has always been to break the agency and client gap, and incubate himself into every client’s team.

Pragnya Venkatesh

Art Direction and Branding Design is what comes naturally to Pragnya. A master of graphic design and copywriting, she’s given birth to multiple personalities and identities for brands. Her firm belief is that the core of any brand lies in how human it can be.

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