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a LIve, interactive bootcamp
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A Branding Bootcamp for founders

Learn how to understand your customer, build your brand story and communicate effectively.

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94% of people are likely to recommend a brand that they emotionally engage with.

We’ve met countless startups and businesses who say to “we wanna create a brand”, but they very rarely know what it means to build one. A lot of them don’t focus on it in their bootstrap and initial stages.

Its a fact that branding helps companies grow. You need to invest in the time and effort to make sure that you are communicating to the right people, the right way.


100% Remote LIVE Classes

We are NOT a webinar. Stay safe and comfortable while learning the most. Doesn't matter where you are.

Absolutely INTERACTIVE & Unique

We customise every class to the batch and their goals. No two sessions will be the same.

Get 4 hours of one-on-one follow-ups

Get personalised consulting and advice on your brand. We're gonna hold your hand through this.


Workshops and group exercises are ALWAYS prioritised over keynotes. Learn by doing.​

Exclusive Research Material

Get access to exclusive download-ables.​

Learn to build your:

Build your brand story from scratch. Each team will be asked tough questions about their brand, and understand why they do what they do.

Each team will list down their value systems and understand how to communicate them to the customer.

Learn to understand your customers better than before. This exercise will give you a clear understanding of how to target each persona and how to relate to each pool individually.

Each team will chalk out how they want to be perceived. We define tonality guidelines of how their brands talks, responds, instructs, handles calls and communicates in general.

Each team will be given a brand guideline template and will clean up their visual branding. This document will serve as a brand manual that they now can share with all their designers.

Through the keynotes, we will explain ways to build a strategy for social media. Each team will try and create their own strategy with our guidance for a 3 month period.

Each team will understand its immediate and long term business objectives, and create a marketing roadmap for the brand for the next 3 months.

Learn how to run your own ads on Facebook and Instagram. Work with your team to create a sales funnel for your brand.

Perfect for

Start-ups with Seed Funding * Start-ups with No Funding * SMEs * Serial Entrepreneurs * Those Turning Hobbies Into Businesses * Freelancers * NGOs * Micro Enterprises * E-commerce Stores * First-Time Entrepreneurs *


After working with Vanshaj, I can't trust anyone else to take on Wishberry's Branding activities. They think more about your brand than you do.
Anshulika Dubey
Co-Founder & COO at Wishberry + Forbes Asia 30 Under 30
Pragnya and Vanshaj really know their stuff. Their output is clearly visible and their return on investment is valid.
Supreet Singh
Founder & CTO at DUX Media
Vanshaj has given me positive feedback, advice and been a part of our journey even after our formal engagement was over. I think that goes to show what amazing people Vanshaj and Pragnya are.
Khrisha Shah
Co-Founder & CEO at Dysco
These two are the most dedicated people I have come across. Their ideas are extraordinary and they sport it with great execution.
Saakshi Jain
Co-Founder at Zelish + Techstars Berlin '20
What we have gotten out of this branding experience is understanding how we can tie together our values, our strengths, our positioning in the market, what our customers really want, to create a clear vision of how we should move forward
Rhea Karuturi
Co-Founder at Rose Bazaar + Techstart Blr '20
They are our go to guys for anything branding related because they understand consumers and people at a very deep level.
Yohan Sudheer
Co-Founder at fishHook

Meet your mentors

And we're no strangers to start-ups.

Vanshaj Kapur

Creative Director and Founder of The Bold Creative, Vanshaj Kapur’s professional journey is one for the books.

From working in Bollywood, to Live Stream Production, to getting a C-level position right after college, to opening his own creative agency! He’s well known for his ambition and passion for business. He’s a master of many traits with Brand Strategy, Film Direction and Design, Communication Strategy & Live Broadcasting to name a few.

Today, Vanshaj consults and works directly with founders to think through creative strategies and execution.

Pragnya Venkatesh

Art Direction and Branding Design is what comes naturally to Pragnya. A master of graphic design and copywriting, she’s given birth to multiple personalities and identities for brands. Her firm belief is that the core of any brand lies in how human it can be, and by that be able to actually relate to their customers.

She consults brands on designing for the digital age, and is an acute researcher which is what puts her above the edge when it comes to breaking the mould with each new client.

Brands We've worked with

The Course Structure


Finally build the brand of your dreams

The Branding Bootcamp isn’t for everyone. It’s a great option for those who want to learn with interactive live sessions, practice with workshops and assignments and work on building your brand in real time.

You get to work with experts for fraction of the cost, without wasting any time.
$ 199 2.5 Hour Consultation only
  • Speak to the Creative Director 1-on-1
  • Discuss your brand, marketing and advertising
  • Get a evaluation and a direction
  • Take immediate action and grow


Only Classes
$ 549 for 8 LIVE sessions
  • 4 Weeks / 8 LIVE Sessions
  • Exclusive Content
  • Recordings of All Your Classes
  • Private Facebook Group


Classes + Consultation
$ 899 for 8 LIVE sessions + 4 hours of consultation
  • 4 Weeks / 8 LIVE Sessions
  • Exclusive Content
  • 30 mins Weekly 1-on-1 Follow-up Sessions
  • 2 Hours of Private Consultation After the Bootcamp
  • Recordings of All Your Classes
  • Private Facebook Group
best value


The Bootcamp takes place over 4 weeks and consists of 8 total class. We believe in learning through activities, not lectures. That’s why we’ve designed the course to be as interactive as possible. With 2 classes a week, each class is 2 hours long. 1.5 hrs will be mostly for teaching and learning through exercises and the last 30 mins are allotted for Q&A. At the end of each class, there will be a small homework assignment to work on which will get personally evaluated by us.

All classes are live and take place on a video conference platform like Zoom. This way you can tune in from the safety of your home or office. We’ll make sure that we share calendar invites and schedule the classes in advance.

We understand that no 2 business are the same. That’s why we make sure we take the following steps to understand you and give you as much benefit as possible.

  1. Once you enrol, you can expect a phone call from us so that we get to understand your expectations from the program and see how we can personalise it for the batch.
  2. Each homework assignment is reviewed personally by the mentors. We go through all your work and help you fortify your strategy.
  3. At the end of each week, you’ll have a private 30 min call to ask questions.
  4. You get two 1 hour private consultations with us after the course. This is super helpful when you’re implementing all that you’ve learnt. You can opt for these anytime within 3 months of completing the course.

Once you enrol, you can expect a phone call from us so that we get to understand your expectations from the program and see how we can personalise it for the batch.

We schedule all live classes in advance so that you’re prepared, however, if you’re unavailable to attend a class, don’t worry. Just let us know in advance and we will share a recording of the classes with you on your email.

Yes! You can! Feel free to reach out to us to add a plus 1 to your course. In case you want 2 or 3 more people to participate, we’ll be happy to accommodate them for an additional cost.

This course is designed to rewire the way you think about your business and built on numerous brand strategy exercises we’ve crafted with countless start-ups. But if you do have any concerns, just talk to us. It’s customised for you. Let us know your specific goals and we’ll be happy to guide you.

In case you want to withdraw from the program, a 100% refund will be given to you as long as you qualify the following criteria:

  1. You have attended at least 1 live class and completed the homework assignments
  2. You must withdraw before the 3rd class

The private consultations can take place any time within 3 months of completing the bootcamp. Just let us know when to schedule the call and we’ll be happy to see the progress you’ve made.

These consultations are great for getting guidance for a particular problem that you may be facing or for creating a roadmap to your next goal.

All you need is a laptop, a notebook, pen and the enthusiasm to build your brand!

If you’re looking for hiring someone to do the work, this program is not for you. What we do is actually educate you on the building a brand on a long term so that you, as the brand guardian, can make decisions that help grow your business.

It’s a great program for those who want to learn, practice and execute their strategy.

Live classes will require 4 hours per week, for two 2 hour classes. We also suggest you practice what you learn with the homework assignments to complete your course.